It's No Day at the Beach but...

It’s a pretty darn good life. FIRST LIVE PODCAST IS DONE! Since good ol’ Martin and I chatted about doing a podcast, this thing has consumed my life. Exhausting, stressful, mind-blowing, and whirlwindy are the words I’d choose to Word Map this thing called the GOOD GRACIOUS podcast. The giving nature of the people and personalities whom I’ve met so far has me over the moon.

Yes, I just used both “whom” and “over the moon” in a sentence. Do I sound like a 70-year old ex-English teacher? Well, so what. I’ve had the pleasure of talking life with a poet, chatting with a touring Americana musician, learning about squirrel life in the ATL, recording live music in a parking deck, and so much more. What’s not to love?

It’s new and I’m still learning how to be a more entertaining podcaster so, yes, I know it’s not super awesome yet. But, with your help, it’ll get better and better. Please give me feedback to make that happen. Right now, there’s a terrific story on a big event this weekend hosted by DAVID EPSTEIN and ATLANTA CONTACT POINT (#pullmanyards) in Kirkwood, as well as great music by touring artist CALEB CAUDLE and Atlanta favorite LEXI STREET.

Listen to the podcast – c’mon, it’s only 30 minutes! – and give me some feedback. Gonna be doing some wacky things with some great folks. It’ll get better I promise!