I'm Boyd Baker and I love The South. Born here, grew up here, and will probably die here. Moved out west for awhile but missed the humidity, character, and edge that we have - plus the family. Folks thought Southerners were just slow-talking-overall-wearing-grits-eating-Confederate-flag-waving yokels. They have no idea what it's really like. My South, with its heart being Atlanta, is bursting with creativity and talent that changes the world. So I created a Kickstarter campaign.

I want others to love The South. With GOOD GRACIOUS, I want to spotlight folks who are shaping our world of music, food, arts, and philanthropy. Folks think you have to be from L.A., Chicago, or NYC to be special or make a difference but that's a lie. The South is a mixed bag of mindsets, religions, nationalities, races, mistakes, and backgrounds. That's what makes us so interesting. I want folks to taste what that's like.

GOOD GRACIOUS puts a new spin on the classic variety show. Think Ed Sullivan, think Hee Haw, think what you want but it's better. We're kind of the Southern Home Companion to Garrison Keillor's radio show, A Prairie Home Companion - but with more guests. We mix music, comedy, poets, chefs, artists, civic leaders, storytellers, filmmakers, and more on stage for all ages. It's about sharing the love. We're Southern Fun for Everyone! 

Know someone who'd be great on the show?  Want to sponsor, volunteer, donate, or rain praise upon us? Drop an email to Boyd@GoodGraciousShow.com

Now, meet OUR CREW.