A Case for Running Like a Maniac



When was the last time you ran? I mean really sprinted. If you watch kids, or your crazy neighborhood cat, they run all the time; sometimes just because they can and for reasons beyond our understanding. They dash madly to some unseen finish line with glee and purpose. Life asks that from us, at least from time to time.

Had the good fortune to meet and interview country/Americana artist CALEB CAUDLE this past week at Smith’s Olde Bar. Talking to him about songwriting and being a musician gave me newfound respect for the marathon artists endure. The touring, interviews, festivals, new spaces, missing of friends, songwriting, and marketing required of an artist – especially one trying to break big – is exhausting. It’s a sprint that sometimes only they can understand.

Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to see a few artists “warming up” on local stages before, shall we say, intimate crowds. Saw Ian Axel (Say Something with Christina Aguilera) play The Earl and Rachel Platten (Fight Song) at Park Tavern one Sunday evening. They were both in full sprint when I saw them but I didn’t realize it. Not sure they did either. Their explosion across the national airwaves what felt like hours later was astounding. I'm sure they'd been running for a long time though.

I hope I was lucky enough to catch Caleb as he’s reaching the finish line that brings him the success he deserves. Don’t want him to stop running. Just want him to catch a breather while building a musical catalog that can endure. Take a moment and enjoy his beautiful Americana voice as well as this beautiful Beatles cover he shot while crowdfunding his new cd. Then ask yourself, “Should I be running more?”

*Hope to have podcast up early next week.