What's your SONG FOR CHANGE? In the 1960s and 70s songs for change (aka protest songs) were huge and moved millions. There are never enough songs for Peace (make the world better), Action (get involved in a cause), or Honor (remembrance of people or events). All voices are welcome. Cover a song here or write your own. Send your link, video, or track (phone vids are fine) HERE.

Recent shootings in the U.S. forced me to look at what I could do to help educate youth about advocating for a better future. We've seen enough tragedy. Time to make the world we want, like our forefathers did.

Whatever change you want, a song or march or protest is just the FIRST STEP. Real change means writing - talking - visiting your elected officials. You can advocate for your country at ANY AGE. They are YOUR representatives and don't know your age but care about your opinions.

 You can learn whom to contact many ways, here's a start: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

V - (Voice your opinion & listen to others. Discussions refine your opinions at any age.)
O - (Organize others to petition, march, peacefully protest, or visit a lawmaker.)
T - (Tell lawmakers exactly what you want. Email, call, write letters, and see them in person!)
E - (Elect folks you trust)

Love to hear from all American voices and students. Send your cover/original, link, or video HERE




Love to hear from all American voices and students. Send your cover/original song, link, or video HERE