GG71: AHC's Party with the Past & Death Beard

Martha Tye & Bess Meade of the Atlanta History Center explain how fun history and happy hour can be at their PARTY WITH THE PAST (next one April 27 at Center for Puppetry Arts).

Amanda Henke & Andy Liechty of DEATH BEARD join me by the railroad tracks, MARTA tracks, & airport to talk about their upcoming album.

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GG70: Southern Surf Stomp's Chad Shivers & mural archivist Jill Melancon

Chad Shivers of SOUTHERN SURF STOMP works monthly to expand the opportunities for surf musicians and fans.

JILL MELANCON is a junkie for murals and street art. She's on a mission to catalog Atlanta's most visible artists before the scene changes.

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GG69: The Global Village Project and GGDA's Andrew Greenberg

Elise Witt & Teni-Ola Ogunjobi talk about the power of song and education at the GLOBAL VILLAGE PROJECT in Decatur.

Andrew Greenberg explains the explosive growth of gaming in Georgia and the work of the GEORGIA GAME DEVELOPERS ASSOC.

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GG68: The Farmer Fund and Dwayne Shivers

Lauren Carey of THE FARMER FUND explains how their annual calendar project has galvanized chefs and farmers around the state. Go buy a calendar!

Micah Dalton and Anthony Aparo share their desire to create handcrafted, authentic music as DWAYNE SHIVERS.

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Special #68: Atlanta Music Roundtable #2

Second Atlanta Music Roundtable at Grocery on Home (thanks to Matt Arnett) where we talked about what can be improved or is needed. Producer/The Ormewoods Don McCollister, performer Doria Roberts, and Hubbub Music Talent/Event manager Tod Elmore were on the panel.

GG67: Mike Rizzi of The Vista Room & Jugtime Ragband's Tray Dahl

Songwriter-drummer-musician-booker Mike Rizzi explains what makes THE VISTA ROOM such a unique music venue for Atlanta. Check out Mike on drums on beautiful video below!

Tray Dahl of the JUGTIME RAGBAND loves the sounds of the 1930s & 1940s and brings their party to ears today.

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GG66: Tom Gray of Delta Moon & Part 2 of Matt Arnett talking about artist/musician Lonnie Holley

Tom Gray of DELTA MOON tells of his beginnings with The Brains and how a dobro led to forming a new band.

Matt Arnett shares the incredible tale of artist and musician LONNIE HOLLEY. He has a show currently up at the ATLANTA CONTEMPORARY and will be playing music there with Ben Sollee on Tuesday, 1/31.

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GG65: Part 1 of 2: Matt Arnett from Grocery on Home

Matt Arnett talks about creating GROCERY ON HOME, art, Atlanta's cultural opportunities, and how sometimes we need to make the change we want to see.

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