Boyd Baker, Cat Juggler

If you've worked in advertising, been an athletic mascot, managed a newspaper, made cheese at a goat dairy, and raised two kids reasonably well what's next? You create a live show celebrating all that's great about Atlanta and The South of course.

Born in Cookeville, TN and raised in Atlanta, Boyd remembers living in Doraville when all the signs were in English and seeing Jose Feliciano at the Atlanta Civic Center. Writing is his trade but his ADD is only soothed by mass media, the arts, and working to build community.

Martin Steib, Thunder & Lightning

Born on the mountain of Sumevar in eastern Lithuania, Martin developed a keen interest in all things British. After years of hard work (and some minor surgeries) he was able develop a true British accent. His parents were proud but then he moved to the U.S.A.

His background in graphic design, web arts, animation, sound design, tech lighting, and festival crewing makes him the perfect addition to our band of misfits. Honestly, if you need anything done artistically. He's the bees knees.

 photo Credit:  a nn packwood photography

photo Credit: ann packwood photography

Carrie Shevlin, Stage Concierge
Jeff Rosenberg, Tech Wizard

These guys both deserve their own space but, at the shows, they share a stall (plus this was the best pic of them both). So Carrie runs our live shows with warmth for the artists and punctuality for the crew. Able to greet everyone with a smile, she  makes all feel at home and like the star they are.

"Rosey" as he was known in the pen, sidelines his tech duties with us by marketing only the finest designs to the classiest showrooms across the Southeast. He's got the warmest, most infections laugh you'll ever hear and loves solving anything tech-related.



Melissa Pressman & Anne Steib, Merch Mavens

They wait patiently while you stare at the wall, glance upon the table, and check your pockets to see how much cash you have. They offer assistance when wanting artists cps, poetry books, or even our very own t-shirts. Melissa and Anne are the best Welcome Team we could ever imagine. 

Besides handling all the crazy merch and Square/cash-handling duties, these two give great show ideas and provide amazing Social Media support.