Changed my mind - school can wait!

So after 3 days of preliminary efforts, I say let's put a HOLD on school for a couple of weeks. The fact that we just broke into August (teachers had to start end of July!) just sounds wrong to this old soul. Sure some folks from The North start back after Labor Day. Totally get it. Fall is when you're supposed to start back to school, right?

I remember starting school late August here in Georgia and getting out beginning of June. For some reason, things slid so that now we get out late May and return early August. Summer may be the same length of time (10 weeks?) but it just doesn't feel right to this Georgia Boy. Atlanta Public Schools (and Decatur, Marietta, etc.) are just too jumpy to get kids back and I'm not sure they're ready for it.

First, it's TOO HOT! There's no way kids can get summer out of their hair and school on their mind when all they want to do is swim or lie in air conditioned comfort. I think there should be a thermometer setting maybe. We go back to school when temps hit mid/low 80s.

Second, it's officially SUMMER! Early/mid September makes sense as there's a noticeable change in season. If we're going to have Summer Break, let it last through the summer. You have all these dress codes at school but the kids still want to wear swimsuits around all day.

Third, you're only young once! I know it's cliche but, as a parent, time just goes too fast. Sure we're annoyed with each other having been together since late May but that passes. There are glimpses of teenager sweetness and that rare moment when we connect and get to enjoy the time together. Let's get a little more bored with each other. Makes going back to school in fall a welcome change - in spirit and season.

Know there are some folks out there who are still at the beach since their schools haven't started here in Atlanta. Think they've got the right attitude. We need to push back that calendar a bit, trim those extra "holidays" from the school year, and return to school closer to fall. I think we'd all benefit from it for life.