What’s your Labor of Love?



We just celebrated another Labor Day – a day to celebrate the hard workers of this country who make it one of the best in the world. Do we really appreciate each other’s daily work efforts? Did you reflect on a year’s worth of labor? Is your work a Labor of Love?

I’m a big believe in following your bliss but that doesn’t mean “your bliss” has to be the same as your 9-to-5 job that keeps a roof over your head. If it is the same, then you’ll never truly “work” a day in your life, because you love what you do. No, your Labor could be an incredible hobby that recharges you after a hard week of work and gives you a sense of pride. Maybe your Labor is volunteering that improves the lives of others. For some, that Labor is simply keeping your family strong and connected whether near or far. If your daily job isn’t your Labor of Love, what is?

I know folks who play music in their spare time that I swear should be on the radio. Others give freely of their spare time creating mind-blowing services for those in need. Your Labor can be very personal and very focused. Nobody else needs to know but you. Do you have a Labor of Love? Or are you afraid to take that first step?

Challenge yourself this year to find your Labor of Love and celebrate it next September. We all deserve to feel fulfilled – life is short you know - and the world is just waiting for your particular set of skills to celebrate and honor.