Ever have one of "those" days?



Yesterday was one of them for me. It was one of those days you never expect. It starts simply enough, then it hits you in the head with a 20-pound salmon and all of a sudden you’re on some wild ride in a place you’ve never been.

So I head over to a Octane to meet a wonderful musician named Okorie Johnson (www.okcello.com) for a podcast interview. The day is gray, the place is buzzing - it’s your typical, energetic coffeeshop. I see Okorie by a well-lit window; we shake hands, and get to chatting about music, arts, family, and life.

All of a sudden, a body breaks my peripheral vision and Ryan Peoples of the band Oryx & Crake is standing there reaching to shake Okorie’s hand. We catch eyes and smile. He says we need to check out this project on Wednesday and waves Susanna Spiccia from ReImagineAtl.com over to explain it better. While they hover over our two-top a photographer that Susanna knows touches her shoulder and she’s welcomed into the group. The patron at the table next to us returns taps Ryan on the shoulder and now Dave Whitling of The Bitter Southerner is recruited for the conversation. There’s a rabid flurry of cross-conversations, introductions, descriptions of projects, and more going on at the same time. It was joyful, excited, creative, and full of promise of all the great things Atlanta has to offer.

It was like a scene out of a movie you’d say, “That would never happen.” But it did. And then it was gone. Folks went back to their work. We left to record elsewhere. And all I could do was smile to myself and say, this is The South that I love and folks need to know about.