When Lightning Strikes

Lightning is terrifying and awesome and destructive and beautiful all at the same time. Lightning “striking same place twice” is how we describe a rare opportunity. “Catching lightning in a bottle” is just as unique. The real question is “Are you ready for it when it strikes?”

Last week, the amazingly talented singer ADDELYN ESPOSITO (who was on our June show) was ready when lightning struck. She went to see KRISTIN CHENOWITH (incredibly talented Broadway star) at her one-woman show at the Cobb Energy Center. That night, Kristin offered for someone to come sing on stage with her a song from the show Wicked. Now Addelyn knows her show tunes. On top of that, she’d painted her face wicked witch green – just in case she caught the eye of Chenowith at the show. And that’s just what happened.

With the support of those seated around her, Addelyn was asked to come on stage to perform with a full band and Tony-award-winning singer in front of a couple of thousand strangers. So she did (see homemade video here).  Can only imagine the emotion-bending fear and joy this pre-teen experienced on her way to the stage to meet her idol. When lightning struck, Addelyn knew what to do and was spectacular. Are you ready?

*Taylor Swift’s album 1989 was lightning – in that it made her a gazillion dollars. Guess RYAN ADAMS thinks it can strike twice with his track-by-track, stylistically unique re-recording (see here). Wacky world these days!