The best words aren't always

When can’t words get the job done? Writing has been around for a very long time for us humans - but writing started as pictures. Too often words alone don’t reach hearts. I think that’s because we’re visual creatures scanning the horizon for something more than just serifs in black and white. Words love pictures and pictures love words. We need a little catsup with our mustard, some jelly with our peanut butter. That’s where Ann comes in.

Who’s Ann you say? Well, Ann Packwood is Ann. She’s a friend, a mother, and a photographer extraordinaire with an amazing spirit. She relishes in capturing the moment – the spirit. That’s where writing sometimes comes up short. For our tiny brains, words seldom capture the moment that an image can.

So I asked Ann if she’d come on this blogisventure with me. She said, “Sure,” because she’s always up for an adventure. I’ll write the words and she’ll write the pictures. Does that make sense? Well, it will when you see it. If all goes as I hope, her images will inspire a post or two from me and a smile from you. Either way, you’ll be getting a little more sriracha with your mayo. Thanks Ann!