First day jitters

Woke up at 4:32 am this morning mind was racing. Ever have one of those nights? Well, I guess it’s good. I find some of my most creative ideas - though not always plausible - come between dream and wake. Last night was no different.

Must have solved 20+ problems and come up with all sorts of things that I could do that would be cool, fun, and interesting. The main topic though was podcasting. If you haven’t realized it yet, GOOD GRACIOUS now has podcasts available to download or stream online. It’s been a lot of fun revisiting the past shows and creating podcasts from some of the acts. Unfortunately, not all of the acts lend themselves to audio (clowns and filmmakers especially).

But we’ve got some really fun ones to listen to. I’ll apologize ahead of time for the uneven sound quality of the earlier ones but they get better. The spirit, fun, and talent are all there though, so just close your eyes and imagine you’re in a big hall with a bunch of friends.

Starting THIS WEEK I’m recording more. All along I’ve wanted to connect folks with great artists and stories. With a portable recorder and a pack of batteries I’m hitting the road to talk to folks and collect tales to share in what I hope are weekly podcasts. Each one will be about 30 minutes - just right for a good walk or running some errands. Check them out and give me feedback. Want to know what you like and maybe some folks you think would be good to have on future podcasts.

So download at will from iTunes or Stitcher or just listen on your computer. Hope these will be great “tweeners” to keep folks happy between live shows!