I'd like to teach the world to sing...

in perfect harmony.   Remember that catchy song from the 70s? Hearing it today still gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. But what did it mean? Did they really want to teach the world to sing?

I believe they wanted to do something more. They wanted to lift spirits, give hope, and bring the community of man together. In today’s mass media-driven world, that’s seldom the case. Politics are more divisive than ever. Facebook highlights either cute animal videos or virulent opinions (neither brings folks closer). And all our technological feats of majesty seem to create only more discord between us. Listen. Listen closer. Hear that? It’s singing.

There are still people out there who want to teach the world to sing. The Decatur Book Festival, DragonCon, StreetsAlive, and the Lantern Parade are all glowing examples (no pun intended) of Herculean, creative efforts by folks to bring people together, celebrate individuality, and lift spirits.

If you’ve never been, go to the Lantern Parade on the Beltline this weekend. You can join the most unique parade ever, or you can park yourself on a grassy spot and be amazed by the light, love, and energy that literally glows in all directions. Either way, it is truly something to behold.

As we enter the uber-political season of hate, remember that it shall pass. There are great souls working on a new lesson for everyone. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll hear the singing start up again. You just have to listen. It’s out there.