Share it or lose it!

That’s the message I got from Jason Ringenberg of Jason & the Scorchers this weekend at Grant Park’s Summer Shade Festival. His show on Saturday night was a great romp through my 80s cowpunk past. Wendy drove the bus to get there and I’m glad we went.

As the show was coming to a close and we’d had our fill of dancing, Jason reached for the microphone to really speak to the crowd about his late manager. Jason said he was told early and often by the man that he needed to be making music for the right reasons. He said it wasn’t about sex, drugs, or fame. It's about sharing what you love with an audienceThat’s how you make something that matters and lasts. You could tell Jason loved being on stage and having whoever would listen share his music. He was having a great time and the joy was reflected.

I believe that’s what GOOD GRACIOUS is all about - sharing the loveDon’t you love sharing a new musical find with a good friend? Or sharing some crazy project (like the Beltline) that you recently heard about? That's what moves me. Only when we share with others can we grow, understand, and be inspired.

Hope you share something really cool this week. Thanks Jason!