How can I make your life better?

I sat down with Martin this summer and we talked. He said, "You should do a podcast of GOOD GRACIOUS? Something where you just go out with a mic and get stories and record folks anytime, instead of having to wait for a full, live show. Folks will love being able to hear stuff on a regular basis. I listen to podcasts every day." We've been trying to find ways to reach a larger audience and it did make sense.

"I've wanted to do that. It's just been hard to find the time and figure all the logistics," I replied. And then it all came crashing down on me. I was going to do it. As with all my insane ideas, I jumped feet first into the abyss.

  1. Realized I'd have to redesign my website to host a podcast. GREAT! That's a lot of fun and oooooh so easy. Needed to do it anyway but man it's been a haul.
  2. Read & listened all I could to podcasts and podcasts on creating podcasts until I felt podcast dribbling out my ears.
  3. Researched equipment and what I'd need - though Martin said, "It's easy. Just get a Zoom and go." This wasn't as pricey as I thought and tech has created some incredible stuff.
  4. Taught myself how to record, edit, and produce a podcast. Been surprised with my ability to create something that's not half bad - though you'll decide my fate.
  5. Uncovered the nasty tangle of worms that is the tech side of creating a podcast and getting it set up so folks can subscribe through iTunes, Stitcher, and on and on.

I say all of this as the sun rises above Lake Claire as a way of reintroducing myself and GOOD GRACIOUS to the world where we hope to spread all sorts of Southern Love. Gonna work hard to do more, share more, and connect more with fans and fascinating folks on new and exciting levels.

Hope you'll join me as I expand from doing just live shows to interesting mini-showettes and videos and who knows what else! How can you help?

  • Check out the podcast, new blog, and new website.
  • Drop me a note and let me know what more I should be doing with my free time and how I can make your life more wonderful.

Have a great weekend! boyd