Gonna do something weird today?

Or tomorrow? And by "weird" I just mean out of the ordinary. Some of life's most colorful moments happen when we take advantage of what The Fates put in front of us.

Last night, I accepted an invite for a late night class on beer selection and married life from a neighbor I never hang out with. Great, convoluted discussion on the creative world, having kids, and going after dreams that I would have been crushed to have missed had I said, "No thanks. I'm going to go home and follow my routine and go to bed early."

By the time you read this, I will already be out in nature counting squirrels for the Inman Park Squirrel Census Team. How often do you have a chance to help with a squirrel census? Imagine the kind of people you'd meet at something named this. I know, it's gonna be a whole pocketful of I-don't-know-what-to-expect! And that's ok - we shouldn't know how every day of our waking life will progress.

Do something weird today, or tomorrow. Feeling in a rut? Well, this could be just the ticket. Also, you never know when you'll meet someone who gives you that great bit of advice you've needed, or something that moves your business in a better direction, or kismet that just puts a cherry on that sundae you call life.

Accept that random invite to a band you've never heard, to meet "strangers" (who are really just friends you don't know yet), and make some unique memories. You just might end up having one heckuva day!