Mea Sucka (aka The South doesn't need to rise again)

Ok, I admit it… reluctantly… I can’t do it all. There I said it. Hate to admit it but I’ve let you down. Haven’t delivered “the goods” as promptly as I said I would.  Blogs and podcasts should be weekly. They've slipped to weekly-ish (check out the latest with APS Superintendent Carstarphen & OKCello). But here’s why.

Over the past two weeks I’ve scheduled 16 podcast interviews with the most creative, giving, and delightful people the South has to offer. Just counted them up to realize how crazy a schedule that is. On my birthday – an annual day of slackitude – I actually did THREE! So I’m sorry but I think I overserved myself and I’m feeling the effects.

This is my new promise: I’ll do better. Setting appointments, recording podcasts, pretending to be intelligent enough to interview folks, editing sound files, planning a January show, uploading and actually getting podcast onto the interwebs, while serving an amazing wife and two great kids is a task I’m up for – I just need to slow down a bit. The South doesn’t need to rise again. It just needs to bask in its greatness and take a moment to appreciate itself. I’ll do the same and do better.

This whole GOOD GRACIOUS live show/podcast project has been a labor of love. The more people I talk to I realize how many “get it”. Folks LOVE the South and believe in making it an even better place. As a result, I've decided to focus on what I see as THE SECOND SOUTH.

The New South has been done to death and what does that really mean anyways? No more hoop skirts? Slavery gone? Indoor plumbing? Sure we have those things but so does the rest of the country. No, The New South is passé. It was supposed to represent a transformation when the South no longer lagged pitifully behind the rest of the country in business, civil rights, technology, and culture. We’ve moved way beyond that at this point.

The Second South is the spirit that surrounds you right now. It’s the creative undergirding and gumption that drives our cuisine, arts, philanthropy, and community. It’s the progress that hard-working individuals have made to redefine what The South means to future generations. It’s a beautiful thing. So welcome to The Second South and a guide who’ll do better!

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